Words in C

Monkey's Bubble Gum

Vocabulary in this game:

crocodile, crayon, cards, curve, cloak, clown, cub, campfire, cake, car, cat, carrot, cow, cloud, crown, caterpillar

The top games for kids to learn phonic words with the letter C!

Do you want your kids to have fun while they learn their phonic words? If so, then check out these great games that use the letter C! Not only will they have a blast, but they'll also be able to see and hear the words in a way that makes them easier to remember. So grab some crayons and get ready to play!

What are the best games for kids to learn words with the letter C?

C is for Cucumber, Cairoli, and Corgis! Learning words that start with C can be educational yet fun with games such as Quiz C - Edutainment. This free game teaches phonics to kids while they play through classic educational activities like multiple-choice quizzes, puzzles and brainteasers.

C can also be introduced with alphabet flashcards, where children examine two or more pictures side by side to link a word that starts with C. Other C learning opportunities include C crosswords, hidden picture games, spelling practice, and reading exercises. For a truly unique experience, Hangman Your Letters entails writing the word on the board instead of merely guessing letters associated with the C word. Another enjoyable way to practice C words is

Monster letters – matching C words in a letter grid until it's completed. Bingo Letters has players guess missing letters from provided clues while Endless Alphabet presents basic facts about animals beginning with C. Pronunciation Practice lets children hear specific words and record their own voice articulating them. Story Time offers illustrated tales about C topics such as counting cacti and popular creatures beginning with C such as cats. There's even Sentence Builder, Word Match, Word Scramble, Connect The Dots and Typing Speech games to have loads of fun making sound associations for hard-to-remember letter C keys all at once! With so many options available for teaching kids words starting with C - it's sure to become an easy letter in no time! ​​ ​​​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​ ​​​ ​​ ​​​​ ​

Why is learning to pronounce the letter C important?

Learning to pronounce the letter C is a vital first step for English learners of all ages, from pre-schoolers who are learning English for the first time, to KET and IELTS English exam candidates. The simple shape of this letter hides plenty of complexity when it comes to mastering pronunciation. After all, the letter C can make multiple sounds: an unvoiced velar stop, as in "cat," or an unvoiced palatal affricate in words like "cube."

Learning how different sound combinations can lead to specific pronunciations is a key part of English grammar and English pronunciation training, especially at an early age. Fortunately, interactive tools such as games, flashcards and even sounds apps can come to the rescue when it comes to teaching English at any level. Engaging activities rooted in practical experience allow both toddlers and young kids over 3-years old alike to build confidence in their English learning by getting the basics down with little difficulty. Learning the pronunciation of letters like C no longer has to be challenging; instead, with a bit of creativity and practice kids can quickly master their English work - including its most fundamental building blocks. With accurate articulations and plenty of encouraging reinforcement, watching your kid confidently tackle English conversations will give you plenty of reason to smile!

What devices are you free teaching games available on?

With online classroom teaching becoming increasingly popular, it’s important to know which devices offer free teaching solutions. Fortunately, there are a number of fun, easy-to-use web tools that classroom teachers can take advantage of.

Speak specializes in helping young students to learn how to pronounce words correctly; this is accomplished through voice recognition and its game-like structure that keeps children engaged. Read helps classroom teachers teach basic literacy skills such as finding syllables, breaking down words, and forming complete sentences. Talk provides speech technology that aims to make it easier for classroom teachers to increase their vocabulary and familiarise themselves with language rules and conventions. Spell helps classroom teachers build an understanding of orthography so students can accurately write words in the correct way.

Listen helps classroom teachers recognize phonemes so they can master the intricacies of spoken language more quickly. All of these free solutions help classroom teachers make their lessons fun, interactive, and - most importantly - effective! With these tools available on a variety of devices, classroom teaching really has never been easier or more enjoyable!

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