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What is Yahaaa?

Yahaaa is a teaching game platform that allows you to easily create, find and play educational games to learn English vocabulary for kids.

How do I create my own educational games with custom vocabulary?

You can use Yahaaa's free educational game creating tool to create English learning games for kids in seconds.

How to automatically generate english learning game worksheets?

Use our free custom worksheet generator PDF to create great English learning vocabulary games in pdf format for kids!

What age are English learning vocabulary games suitable for?

Our free educational games and worksheets to learn English are suitable for all ages, and great for teachers of grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

What are educative game sets?

Game sets are packs of 6 different educative games of different levels for kids to learn English vocabulary. In one set the child will learn to write, spell, listen, associate... English vocabulary in the most fun way!

How can teachers easily make education games?

On Yahaaa teachers can make custom learning games for free and in seconds by creating their own custom vocabulary list and generating it in loads of different engaging games scenarios and vocabulary worksheets. This allows young students to learn english in the most fun way!

Can I use your free English learning education games in my classroom?

Yes! Feel free to enhance your children's vocabulary by using our vocabulary games to learn English as well as our custom worksheets. And don't forget to give us feedback on how your classroom is using Yahaaa!

Why should I use ed-games in my classroom?

Education games are the most efficient way for young kids to learn english. We strive to make learning the most fun possible online games and pdf worksheets to print, in order to allow children to easily learn English vocabulary.

Can I make my own custom words worksheets?

Yes! Feel free to use Yahaaa's free worksheet generator tool to create the most fun education worksheets! These include flashcards, spelling, writing and many more worksheet formats.

What subjects does Yahaaa cover?

As of now, english. We allow kids to learn English vocabulary by playing fun and free education games and by printing our worksheets. These games cover vocabulary themes such as health, transportation, cooking, art, emotions, classroom, food, animals, music, compound words... and much more!

Does Yahaaa have spelling games?

Yes! We have custom spelling games for kids to learn new words in the most fun way. On Yahaaa you can also create your own custom vocabulary spelling games, for free. We also have many other game modes such as quizzes and flashcards!

Does Yahaaa have vocabulary flashcards education games?

Yes! We offer fully customizable flashcard learning games for kids. They are great for learning new vocabulary in a fun way!

Does Yahaaa have quiz games for kids to learn English?

Yes! We offer fully custom quiz games for learning new English words. Our quiz games come in different interactive and fun scenarios, and best of all? They are 100% free :).

Who is behind Yahaaa?

Yahaaa is a startup based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is built by Devon Yuan and Darragh Baratin.