Words in A PDF index cards with images

Vocabulary in this worksheet:

apple, ant, arrow, astronaut, antlers, ambulance, awake, asleep, armchair, anchor, abacus, acorn

Why the index cards free printable worksheet is the best to learn A phonics!

The index card free printable worksheet is the perfect tool for pre-K students learning A phonics. It's a fun, printable worksheet featuring colorful cut-out cards for words by letter A. With just one PDF download, a whole new world of the English language can be explored! Kids can have fun making A sounds and discovering new words associated with the letter A for spelling and reading practice. The suggested activity comes with various illustrations and bubbles to add in more interest and excitement as they go through each card. Learning phonics has never been so interactive, manageable and enjoyable! With this free printable worksheet, students can nourish their minds while having fun exploring the magic of English phonetics!

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